Rising Procurement influence

Procurement plays a growing role in the success of your customers' business. They can influence the spend of as much as 80% of your customer's supplier budget.

But many sales professionals have a weak track record with Procurement (aka Sourcing, Purchasing, Category management). Professional buyers complain that up to 90% of their suppliers' Key Account Managers are not well prepared to address their needs.


The QuarterMaster™ program has been designed to help you fix this! It provides Sales professionals with an action framework and specific insights into how professional Buyers think and how they choose suppliers.

QuarterMaster™ is one of the very few programs in which participants are developed by a team of experienced senior Procurement and senior Sales executives with a focus on the participant's own customers and market realities.


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What is QuarterMaster™ 2.0?

This NEW 2019 upgrade is an intensive 14 week development program for in-company teams of sales professionals on how to be able to work effectively with their customer's Procurement to win quality sales agreements.

Sales professionals will learn to:

  • Identify barriers to success with Procurement
  • Segment your customer's Procurement's needs & behaviours
  • Meet Procurement's information expectations
  • Understand the 14 Purchasing methods in your Buyer's toolbox
  • Identify and prepare for the 12 Purchasing decision drivers
  • Integrate these insights into compelling proposals that Procurement will support

This state-of-the-art development program consists of four sections delivered over 14 weeks:

  • TEAM INTAKE PHASE: first we analyse your sales challenges with Procurement, to customise the program for your company and market. We also create behavioural profiles of your team, using the Insights MDI® method for use in the program.
  • TRAINING DAY 1: your team goes through an intensive Procurement Insights training day, during which we de-mystify how Procurement works and define key sales success principles to be developed during the program.
  • 10 WEEK DIGITAL COACHING: here the team embeds the sales Procurement insights and principles into new sales behaviours. On weeks 1-3-5-7-9 your team watches pre-recorded learning videos and gets assignments to complete for the following week. On weeks 2-4-6-8 they participate in professionally run group video conference workshops where we go through the assigned work and deep-dive into the session's topic.
  • TRAINING DAY 2: during this final day of the program, we integrate all the previous learnings, make a committed plan to demonstrate business outcome on at least one customer (with a revenue target), and identify what support is needed to make it happen. This is then shared with company top management.

How will you benefit?

QuarterMaster™ will help your sales success through:

  • More compelling sales proposals - which Procurement will support
  • Improved strategic selling confidence for your KAMs and senior sales professionals
  • Positive differentiation in the eyes of your customer's Procurement
  • Resulting improvement of your sales performance


Who should attend this program:

  • Key Account Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Senior Sales Professionals
  • Heads of Tender management
  • Heads of Sales development
  • Country/BU Heads with sales responsibilities

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