Stop the 'Pain by Procurement' by Turning Customer Buyers into Your Commercial Ally

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QuarterMaster™ 2.0: expanded content / state-of-the-art platform


Sales and the 'Pain by Procurement'

'We need you to reduce your price by another 20%...'

For many sales professionals, the professional buyers in their customers' Procurement departments belong to an alien species who live to reduce prices and, even then, may not buy from them.

But behind the sometimes forbidding sourcing processes and a tough bargaining strategy are often simple goals that the Buyer is trying to achieve. Often the price reduction is not the most important.

The solution to breaking this impasse is for sales to better understand what their customer's Procurement specialists are trying to achieve and why. This understanding is fundamental to the creation of a winning value proposition which is equally compelling to your customer's business and Procurement stakeholders.

The QuarterMaster™ 2.0 program was developed by Sales and Procurement executives to upgrade the ability of ambitious sales teams to effectively sell to customer Procurement. 

The full program consists of a fourteen week development engagement, but requires only two separate training days off-site, connected by ten weeks of state-of-the-art digital coaching.

This means that your sales team will not only benefit from expert development from our experienced Procurement and Sales executive trainers, but can do so with minimum time off the job.

QuarterMaster™ allows your sales professionals to STOP the 'Pain by Procument' and instead turn Procurement into their commercial ally and win more/better business.

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  • Do you try to avoid customer Procurement because you find them so hard to work with? 
  • Are you losing most proposals due to Procurement? 
  • Do you and your colleagues suffer from the 'Pain by Procurement'?
  • Are you ready to take action to stop it?

QuarterMaster™ has a consistently high satisfaction rating from our previous participants from across Europe, Africa and the Middle East:

'It's a look into the 'Secret Room' of Purchasing'

'You hit the nail on the head: thank you for these incredibly useful insights from "the other side of the table"'

'This program helped me win a new account in a way I had never considered before'

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